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Here at the Field House we have had some exciting changes over the summer.  We are now in full swing after switching over to an electronic system.  If you have yet to come in to the facility since spring, please plan on some extra time to get checked in and “into the system.”  If possible, please bring your driver’s license with you to help speed up the process.  You may also want to visit our fee page as there have also been some changes made there.  We think everyone will be pleased with the new system.We look forward to seeing everyone where the sun always shines.

The calendar below displays the turf use by date and time. The track is open for runners and walkers during turf rentals unless it's labeled "AEYC, Track Closed" or the time slot is blank.

Track Closure

          December 5, 8:00am-4:00pm

Attention! Track Users

We are now on the summer schedule (June- August)  track hours are very limited and are available when field is rented. More track hours may come available as field is rented. Check often Field House Calendar for track availability.

Track Hours

October 2015 to April 19

          Monday-Friday 10am – 9pm & Saturday-Sunday 9am-9pm

April 20 -May

Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm (evening and weekend hours are limited visit website often)

If you have any questions, please email us at dimondparkfieldhouse@gmail.com or call 523-4910

2961 Riverside Drive, Juneau, AK 99802
Phone: 907.523.4910 · Fax: 907.523.0847 · dimondparkfieldhouse@gmail.com